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I'm A "Do-It-Yourself" Type, Need Landscape & Plant Advice

You love getting your hands in the dirt and your garden is a labor of love. Or your budget simply demands that you provide the labor. But a little no charge guidance with advice on design ideas, how to prepare your beds, and plant choices would be great.  This is the option for you!  Since this is a free service, please gather the following information so we can best assist you and make the most of your time. 

  • Some snap shots or pictures of the area printed on plain paper or a larger device (like a tablet).  Sorry, we have found that smart phone screens are too small.   
  • A copy of your plat plan is great if you have it, or a drawing of the area somewhat to scale with measurements so we can jot down some suggestions for you.
  • Note how the sun moves across your area during the day.
  • How many hours of direct sun or shade it receives during the day (this will change between winter and summer so note where due North is).
  • Your goals and any special desires, needs, or concerns.

Our knowledgeable Nursery Sales Staff can help you decide on a theme or general look for your garden, provide some design advice, explain soil and bed prep needs, and can help you select plants that will achieve the look you want while minimizing your ongoing maintenance chores.  Please note that this is not a design service, but rather it is intended to help you with a small area project only (see NOTE below for larger projects).   We will be happy to quote you a price for materials and installation if you like.

THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE MONTHS OF MARCH, APRIL, MAY, OCTOBER, or NOVEMBER, as these are the busiest months for our nursery staff.  We encourage you to come into the nursery and look through the Landscape vignette area which can give you good ideas for your yard, too!   


NOTE: For larger projects, we suggest our landscape design service to assist with an entire yard or front or back yard sized project. We have found that this saves time and money for our customers with large projects whether they do the work themselves or have us do it for them. You wouldn't remodel your kitchen or bath without a design plan would you?

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